robotics projects at hotels and restaurants

new robot generation is ready to change people at it's working places. robots is good client attraction for hotel business. you will recieve additional "like", reports and photos in the social networks using robot in your business.

reseption desk. bartenders and waiters. security. service.

robots work with high level quality "24x7x365". we are connecting robots to business processes of hotels and restaurants.

Robots work at various roles

100% loyality, 24x7x365, directly integrated into hotel IT infrastructure

  • Receptionist



    Luggage porter

  • Musician

    Lawn-mower robot

    Snow-mower robot

    Cleaning robot

  • Security robot

    Child securuty


    Children animator

Our project team and partners

contract production management

robots manufacturing and designing

robots manufacturing and designing

face and voice recognition technologies

hotel business consultancy & research

hotel business consultancy & research